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DNA Computing in security
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The concept of using DNA computing in the fields of cryptography and steganography has been identified as a possible technology that may bring forward a new hope for unbreakable algorithms. Mathematicians and physicists attempt to improve on encryption methods while staying within the confines of the technologies available.

Origins of DNA Computing
DNA computing or molecular computing are terms used to describe utilizing the inherent combinational properties of DNA for huge parallel computation. Adleman put his theory of DNA computing to the test on a problem called the Hamiltonian Path problem or sometimes referred to as the Traveling Salesman Problem known as the non deterministic polynomial time problem(NP).It was taken as the Adlemanâ„¢s DNA computing test as other conventional computers cannot solve it easily.

ËœDNA-based Cryptographyâ„¢ which puts an argument forward that the high level computational ability and incredibly compact information storage media of DNA computing has the possibility of DNA based cryptography based on one time pads. Public key encryption splits the key up into a public key for encryption and a secret key for decryption and the secret key cannot be found from the
public key. Anyone can use a person's public key to send him an encrypted message, but only the person knows the secret key to decrypt it. Injecting DNA cryptography into the common PKI scenario, the researchers from Duke argue that we have the ability to follow the same inherent pattern of PKI but using the inherent massively parallel computing properties of DNA bonding to perform the encryption and decryption of the public and private keys.
with a large enough key, one should be able to thwart any DNA computer that can be built.

DNA Steganography
The principles used in the DNA steganography experiment used a simple code to convert the letters of the alphabet into combinations of the four bases which make up DNA and create a strand of DNA based on that code. A piece of DNA spelling out the message to be hidden is synthetically created which contains the secret encrypted message in the middle plus short marker sequences at the ends of the message. microdots with each dot containing billions of strands of DNA having the encoded piece of DNA are produced. If we know which markers on each end of the DNA are the correct ones which mean there must be some sort of shared secret that is transmitted previously , we cam decrypt this message.

DNA Authentication
All Olympic merchandise from shirts and hats to pins and coffee mugs were tagged with special ink that contained DNA taken from an unnamed Australian athlete. A hand held scanner is then used to scan the inked area of the clothing to determine if a piece of merchandise is authentic or not.

full report:

.doc  DNA_COMPUTING_AND_SECURITY(2).doc (Size: 143 KB / Downloads: 581)
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.pdf  DNA.pdf (Size: 412.48 KB / Downloads: 407)
DNA and DNA Computing in Security Practices – Is the
Future in Our Genes


As modern encryption algorithms are broken, the world of information security looks in
new directions to protect the data it transmits. The concept of using DNA computing in
the fields of cryptography and steganography has been identified as a possible technology
that may bring forward a new hope for unbreakable algorithms. Is the fledgling field of
DNA computing the next cornerstone in the world of information security or is our time
better spent following other paths for our data encryption algorithms of the future?
This paper will outline some of the basics of DNA and DNA computing and its use in the
areas of cryptography, steganography and authentication.
Research has been performed in both cryptographic and steganographic situations with
respect to DNA computing but researchers are still looking at much more theory than
practicality. The constraints of its high tech lab requirements and computational
limitations combined with the labour intensive extrapolation means, illustrate that the
field of DNA computing is far from any kind of efficient use in today’s security world.
DNA authentication on the other hand, has exhibited great promise with real world
examples already surfacing on the marketplace today.
DNA authentication practices will grow as the need for fool proof identification of
individuals and items grows as well. The use of DNA computing on the other hand is far
from a reality and the world of information security is better focused on other encryption
technology methods for its future development.

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to get information about the topic dna computing in security full report ,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow
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to get information about the topic dna computing seminar full report ,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow

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