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Page name : MIMO wireless channel , Posted by: Boby sathyan introduction to wireless, wire networkingMIMO wireless channel, mimo antennas, introduction to wireless technology,
hi ,
i need a seminar report on MIMO wireless technology.pls provide me this report immediately...................

Page name : application of web designing for simple accounting for financiers , Posted by: sai.swetha accounting, web designing india, web design company india, application web,
can you please provide me an abstract of the above mentioned program i.e., application of webdesigning for simple accounting for financiers..................

Page name : Account , Posted by: prasadjaz420 my accounting lab, free email accounts, google accounts, mail,
hi i need ledger account project..................

Page name : vehicle tracking system using gsm and gps with arm lpc2148 , Posted by: neha jadhav gp project accounting vs ax, gpw project for sale uk, gps project hack, gps project ideas,
hello this is neha jadhav and i m doing a project on vehicle tracking system using gps and gsm so i need all detail contents regarding this project e.g block diagram and wat all contents should be wriiten in synopsis so i request u to please forward me the contents as soon as possible..or mail me at..................

Page name : Introduction to Java Servlets , Posted by: seminar class introduction to java server pages, java servlet, java servlets, introduction to java programming,

An Introduction to Java Servlets
by Hans Bergsten

Java servlets are making headlines these days, claiming to solve many of the problems associated with CGI and proprietary server APIs. In this article I will describe the overall servlet architecture and what you need t..................


Define accounting.
Accounting is a process of identifying the events of financial nature, recording them in Journal, classifying in
their respective ledgers, summarising them in Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet and communicating
the results to the users of such ..................

Page name : introdoction about mechanism , Posted by: project report helper clean development mechanism introduction, defense mechanism introduction, mechanism action, four bar mechanism introduction,

introdoction about mechanism

SUBMITTED BY : manmohansingh
SUBJECT :mec101
DATe : 1 nov. 2010
ROLL NO : a11
REG No : 10901277
section :k7901

A mechanism considered to be an assembly of mecha..................

Page name : Vintual manufacturing system , Posted by: Kannan1597 manufacturing accounting system, technology seminar topics, an accounting systemVintual, manufacturing software system,
I am kannan .i am studing mechanical engi.i have a seminar presentation on next week.i selected few topics from this site. I want a detail report on this topics ..................

Page name : introduction to java full report , Posted by: project topics introduction to java programming pdf, introduction to java pdf, report, introduction to java beans ppt,

Java is a programming language originally developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems(which is now a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation) and released in 1995 as a core component of Sun Microsystems'ÂÂ..................

Page name : general introduction , Posted by: lyda dorcas contents general introduction arts faculty information, example of general introduction essay, example of general introduction about education, general introduction about marketing,
please send for me these details using my email address..................

Page name : COLLEGE ACCOUNT PACKAGE , Posted by: seminar class home accounting software, college account, ACCOUNT, college management,

Project Definition
The project COLLEGE ACCOUNT PACKAGE aims at computerizing the day to day activities of an institution and there by providing secure and reliable storage/access of data. This system is for student’s fee billing, providing college with powerful featu..................

Page name : Payroll Accounting , Posted by: seminar projects crazy payroll accounting courses, payslip, payroll accountant, payroll accounting,

The System Payroll & Accounting is designed and developed to automate the Pay Calculation of a Govt. Sectors in a centralized manner. The System is developed in such a way that it can be a placeholder in salary calculation in any of the Govt. Establishment All the details relevant to Ser..................

Page name : An Introduction to TCPIP Download Full Seminar Report , Posted by: computer science crazy free an introduction to tcp ip john davidson, introduction to tcp ip port, introduction to tcp ip course outline, introduction to tcp ip and networking,
Most of us know of TCP/IP as the glue that binds the Internet. But not as many can offer a cogent description of what it is and how it works. So what is TCP/IP, really? TCP/IP is a means for networked computers to communicate with each other. It doesn't matter whether they are part of the same netwo..................

Page name : internatinal dimensions in financial accounting , Posted by: DIMPY what is financial accounting, dimensions, financial accounting tutorials, financial accounting books,
hi myself DIMPY i want to know more about international accounting .as i dont know even the basics of this..i want to give better presentation..i want to know what i should i include in this topics ,if i use to search this topic from internet it just review accounting standards..well my topic name i..................

Page name : Accounting Solution , Posted by: smart paper boy cost accounting problems and solutions, accounting solutions, online accounting solutions, Accounting,

First Generation :-
Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS)
US trials 1978; deployed in Japan (’79) & US (’83)
800 MHz band
Nordic Mobile Telephony (NMT)
Sweden, Norway, Demark & Finland
Launched 1..................

Page name : SHARE ACCOUNTING PACKAGE full report , Posted by: project report tiger full, SHARE ACCOUNTING PACKAGE, SHARE ACCOUNTING PACKAGE ppt, treasury share accounting,

When two or more person makes investment for carrying a banking business, then a co-operative bank is formed. So the member of co-operative bank is the shareholder..................

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