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Page name : HIPERLAN2 , Posted by: seminar projects crazy hiperlan 2 product, difference between hiperlan 2 and 80211n, hiperlan 2 products, hiperlan 2 specification,
Recently, demand for high-speed Internet access is rapidly increasing and a lot of People enjoy broadband wired Internet access services using ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) or cable modems at home. On the other hand, the Cellular phone is getting very popular and users enjoy its location..................

Page name : Biomass Fuelled Power Plant , Posted by: computer science crazy biomass derived alcohol, biomass diagram, definition of biomass energy, biomass energy source,
There is a great desire by many individuals and entities worldwide to convert the energy contained in indigenous biomass resources to useful forms of fuel and power at a cost that is competitive with non-renewable energy resources and with a responsible view toward the environment. Hence a new gener..................

Page name : HADOOP , Posted by: [email protected] HADOOP, hadoop tutorial, hadoop pig, hadoop architecture,
I NEED TO GET A DETAILED SEMINAR REPORT & PPT ON 'HADOOP'..will you please help me...................

Page name : Scalable Wireless Ad-Hoc Network Simulation using XTC , Posted by: ramcute scalable wireless body area network for biotelemetry, scalable development, scalable data systems, scalable wireless communication architecture average consensus,
hi sir
I am doing MCA. this semister i want ot implement Scalable Wireless Ad-Hoc Network Simulation using XTC this algorithm using java so i need full information about this project. how to start my project. this is my first project in Network .
so you have to help me sir. If it is possi..................

Page name : Cluster Computing , Posted by: seminar projects crazy difference between cluster computing and distributed computing, cluster computing design, cluster computing and mapreduce, cluster computing and grid computing,
A cluster is a type of parallel or distributed processing system, which consists of a collection of interconnected stand-alone computers co - operatively working together as a single, integrated computing resource. This cluster of computers shares common network characteristics like the same namespa..................

Page name : Cluster Computing , Posted by: computer science crazy cluster computing applications, cluster computing at home, cluster computing and its benefits to the people, cluster computing and mapreduce,
The recent advances in high-speed networks and improved microprocessor performance are making clusters or networks of workstations an appealing vehicle for cost effective parallel computing. Clusters built using commodity hardware and software components are playing a major role in redef..................

Page name : rural marketing advantages and disadvantages pdf , Posted by: disadvantages, marketing, advantages, rural marketing advantages and disadvantages pdfrural marketing advantages and disadvantages,
rural marketing advantages and disadvantages..................

Page name : Fuel cells on aerospace , Posted by: Ashwini hebbar fuel cells alternative energy, hydrogen fuel cells disadvantages, fuel cells definition, fuel cells disadvant,
I need a seminar report on the topic 'fuel cells on aerospace'.
can u pls send to my mail id as soon as possible.....................

Page name : biomass energy , Posted by: muzamilnajam biomass energy advantages disadvantages, biomass energy advantages, biomass energy association, when was biomass energy discovered,
Plz if anybdy hlp m in gtng a seminar reprt on biomass energy...................

Page name : biomass energy , Posted by: muzamilnajam biomass energy advantages and disadvantages, biomass energy data book, biomass energy developers association, biomass energy association,

Page name : smart quill , Posted by: Amarnath smart quill applications, smart quill disadvantages, smart quill introduction, smart quill avi,
send it urgently with in hour..................

Page name : Mesh Topology , Posted by: computer science crazy mesh topology advantages and disadvantages, mesh topology animation, mesh topology architecture, mesh topology article,
Mesh Topology

According to the San Francisco-based market research and consulting firm, Internet traffic will have reached 350,000 Terabytes per month as we pass into the new millennium. This is a significant milestone, as it indicates that data has already surpassed the voice network. To keep pa..................

Page name : mapreduce simplified data on large cluster , Posted by: huma amin mapreduce, large, cluster, mapreduce simplified data on large cluster,
i want seminar report on mapreduce simplified data on large cluster..................

Page name : Image Based video retrieval using HADOOP cluster and MapReduce paradigm , Posted by: seminar code Image, using, retrieval, MapReduce,
Abstracts: Our project aims to minimize the computation efforts of processing “Big Data” by using concepts of parallel processing. The Big Data(>10 GB) which usually is structured data(i.e., relational databases for example) and processing is done on the same. But our project aims to process the..................

Page name : SEMIANR REPORT ON MapReduce Simplified Data Processing On Large Clusters , Posted by: super hsbc electronic data processing bangalore, Processing, MapReduce, mapreduce simplified data processing on large clusters ppt,

SEMIANR REPORT ON MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing On Large Clusters

In the new era of computing, instead of buying software for satisfying the c..................

Page name : Distributed Image Processing using hadoop MapReduce framework , Posted by: seminar presentation mapreduce distributed computing for machine learning, mapreduce couchdb, Distributed, mapreduce drawbacks,

Distributed Image Processing using Hadoop MapReduce framework
Presented By:
Binoy A Fernandez
Sameer Kumar
Distributed Image Processing

To demonstrate how the hadoop mapr..................

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